Research Engineer position at LIP6

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Research Engineer position at LIP6

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Research staff position
Advertised: July 2008

"Ingenieur d'Etudes" (Research Engineer)
LIP6-CNRS Laboratory of UPMC Paris Universitas (Université de Paris VI)
(Note: Though the position is in a French laboratory, the ability to speak French is not a requirement to start the job.)

Starting date: September 2008.
Length of contract: 15 months (initial contract).
Salary: approximately 2775 Euros/month gross.
(Note: The take-home amount in France, after the standard pension, health care, and tax withholding amounts have been removed, is typically 0.8 times the gross salary.)

Network and Performance Analysis (NPA) Group
LIP6 Computer Science Laboratory
UPMC Paris Universitas
Paris, France

Assignment: Oversee the administration of the PlanetLab Europe test bed and contribute to its development.

* Engineering degree, with a specialization in computer networks, or
* Doctorate in computer science.

* Fluency in English.
* Fluency in another language of the European Union. (Helpful)
* Basic ability in French. (Helpful)

Technical competencies
* Linux systems administration.
* Linux systems development.
* Python programming.
* Apache, BIND, Postfix and Sendmail administration. (Helpful)
* C and SQL programming. (Helpful)
* Linux VServer or other virtualization system expertise. (Helpful)

* Research-oriented.
* Thrives in a collaborative work environment.
* Good communication skills.
* Rigor in software development.

Job Description

The PlanetLab test bed is a global infrastructure of over eight hundred Linux-based machines hosted at over 400 research institutions across the globe. These machines are connected to the Internet, so that researchers and others can log into them and deploy software and run experiments across the network. PlanetLab has become the test bed of choice for researchers wishing to publish their experimental results in the leading IEEE and ACM journals and conference proceedings.

PlanetLab Europe <> (PLE) is the European arm of PlanetLab. It is led by UPMC as part of the European Community's OneLab2 project <>. OneLab2 is putting PLE at the core of an emerging large-scale shared experimental facility for Europe. As part of this effort, OneLab2 is adding new capabilities, such as wireless and emulation, to PLE, and is federating PLE with novel networking environments (such as networking based on situated and autonomic communications, or SAC). OneLab2 is also federating PLE with other PlanetLab authorities worldwide: PLE is already federated with PlanetLab Central at Princeton University, and there are plans to federate with PlanetLab Japan, among others.

The Networks and Performance Analysis (NPA) Group at the LIP6-CNRS laboratory of UPMC is recruiting a research staff member to administer the PLE test bed and contribute to its development. The candidate recruited will have administrative, programming, and research responsibilities.

* Administratively, she or he will be the lead member of a team of systems engineers who are ensuring the smooth functioning of the PLE servers and nodes, and who provide support to PLE users. An important aspect of this activity is to document the procedures for installing and running a public PlanetLab system, to facilitate the emergence of new PlanetLab authorities worldwide. Experience in Linux systems administration is essential for this.

* Programming will be devoted to maintaining and developing PLE. Linux systems development experience and strong programming abilities in Python are a must. Programming abilities in C and SQL are also helpful.

* In terms of research, there will be opportunities to co-author scientific papers. Research-inclined candidates are preferred.

The position is to work in a French-speaking environment, however French is not a requirement to start the job. Almost all colleagues are conversant in English, and the collaboration at the European level and with the United States will take place in English. Team members who have joined the NPA group in the past with limited or no French have achieved good fluency over time. Readiness to learn French is a requirement of the job.

In order to establish a trans-European administrative team, providing customer support for the platform, it would be extremely helpful if the candidate masters at least one European Union language other than English, French or Portuguese.

The LIP6 Computer Science Laboratory of UPMC Paris Universitas is committed to hiring well-qualified people, without discriminating on the basis of gender, ethnic origins, or handicap. Women candidates are encouraged to apply.

Job application

Please provide the following:
* A CV, in PDF format, in either English or French
* A letter of motivation
* The names of three references who can be contacted for letters of recommendation

There is no fixed deadline, though we do intend to hire as soon as possible.


Timur Friedman and Frederic Vaissade
Laboratoire LIP6-CNRS
104 avenue du President Kennedy
75016 Paris, France
Email:, (subject: [PlanetLab Europe job])
Please do not hesitate to inquire for more details before submitting an application.