post-doc systèmes adaptatifs Inria Grenoble

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post-doc systèmes adaptatifs Inria Grenoble

Message par kaiser » 29 sept. 2008 15:34

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Adaptive Systems
INRIA (the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) in Grenoble, France (capital of the French Alps) has an open post-doc research fellowship position in the context of the MIND project (funded by the Minalogic pole). Partners include industrials (ST Microelectronics, Schneider electrics, Orange Labs, Sogeti, ...) and academics (CNRS, University of Grenoble, INRIA, ...).
The particular subject of this post-doctoral position is :

Model-based control of reconfigurable and adaptive embedded systems


Embedded systems show more and more reconfigurability, in order to manage
resources, adaptivity to the environment, or fault tolerance. This
motivates the design of reflexive and autonomic systems, able to measure
their configuration (sensors), and act upon it (actuators), at a
middleware level. Their control defines the closing of the loop between
sensors and actuators; for this, techniques from control theory are being
applied, until now rather for quantitative and continuous aspects of

Embedded systems are also characterized by constraints and critical
safety. It is imperative to give a priori guarantees on the correctness of
the behaviors of the systems. The synchronous approach to such reactive
systems is based upon models related to finite state machines, which are
used for the compilation, the analysis, as well as the verification using
e.g., model checking techniques. Discrete controller synthesis (DCS) is
another available technique, where a controller is automatically generated
in order to satisfy properties, in the form of a state-dependent
constraint on controllable transitions.


This post-doctorate position is about contributing to an approach of the control of reconfigurable and autonomic embedded systems on the basis of such automata-based models and DCS techniques. In the context of the MIND project, the work will be specifically related to the FRACTAL approach to component-based systems, developed in the Sardes team.

The contributions will include :
- the modeling of existing perception and action mecanisms in adaptive systems, at middleware level, exhibiting the points of controllability;
- the identification of properties to be enforced : in particular resources like processors, energy and memory will be considered;
- the formulation of their regulation in terms of problems of discrete controller synthesis, while taking into account questions of expressiveness and efficiency of the synthesis;
- the proposal of execution schemes for the generated controllers, integrated in a run-time executive, at middleware-level;
- the implementation and validation of these proposals on the basis of available tools, for the specification and synthesis in the synchronous approach, and in relation with the system platform.

Starting date: end of 2008 or January 2009
Duration: 1 year
Income: approx. 1,900 euros/month (net).


- Experience and outstanding skills in middleware approaches to reconfigurable, adaptive, or autonomic systems.
- Also welcome is an interest in automata-based modeling and reactive systems (we are cooperating with specialists in these techniques).
- Ph.D in Computer Science, or equivalent project experience.


Applicants should send:
- a detailed resume/CV,
- a motivation letter, with a positioning w.r.t. the post-doc topic,
- pointers to the most important publications (only English or French documents),
- recommendation letter(s) and references.

Contact person: Eric Rutten,, tel : +33 4 76 61 55 50

Eric Rutten INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes projet POP ART
Inovallée, 655 av. de l'Europe, MONTBONNOT, 38334 ST ISMIER Cedex FRANCE
tel:+33 (0)4 76 61 55 50 fax:+33 (0)4 76 61 52 52